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Relum LG 69

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As a new member to the forum I would like more info on the LG 69. I joined because a friend recognised a rifle I have in my collection, it was shown in several publications as possibly Relum but unconfirmed. My gun was given to me by a serving British soldier who said [and I had no reason to doubt him] that the gun was made in what was Western Germany by a non gun maker but was a smaller, bootleg copy of the Anschutz 220, with which it shares some similarities. However looking at the photos here, this is the same gun physically, except my model has no marking other than ''FOREIGN'' stamped on it. I have to agree the stamping looks the same as the older Relums; but until now I had no reason to dispute his statement, as he said he had purchased it in a gun shop opposite the makers factory. Given the time scale, he would not be able to cross the Berlin wall to buy it, and if as it seems it is a Relum, why are there no markings on it?? Also it does not have or has any signs of the medallion set into the side of the Butt. I know Relums were available pre the wall removal so it could well be it was just bought in Western Germany. Sadly my friend committed suicide many years ago and I don't know of any surviving family members I could ask about it. Any info would be greatly appreciated; and it seems my friend was wrong, but I have no idea as to his version of the guns history.


Posted : 22/01/2019 15:16:39
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Very sorry to hear about your friend. I'm afraid the Relum story sounds inventive but by far the most likely explanation is that it is a Relum. Many were marked only 'FOREIGN' with no stock medallion and there were plenty of legitimate ways the rifles were exported across the wall in the Iron Curtain days (like the Praktica cameras made in East Germany). Nice to have a keepsake of your friend and the yarn is just part of its history.

Posted : 26/01/2019 17:27:15