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I'm moltogordo, a new member. Real name Gord Lucas. Found out about your site on the Canadian Airgun Forum, where somebody had posted an article by Garvin2 (who claims he's a janitor! and that got my attention given the nature of the article) on Mozart and Airguns from this site.

Well, I'm a professional violinist/pianist/teacher, and Conductor/Music Director of the Northern Orchestra of British Columbia, and somewhat of an airgun fanatic myself. The article was fantastic, and I confess to knowing nothing about Mozart and his passion for airguns. I also feel vindicated after reading it . . . . I'm sure Mozart would belong to the NRA as well had he been alive today! Great article, Garvin. Thanks for having me aboard.

I should also say my other non-musical passion in life is photography. I put myself through university in the Jurassic Era with my cameras, and still shoot large format black and white, and still slosh film in developer. Looking forward to being a member. You can find out a little about my musical life here: should you be curious.

I own a lot of airguns, but only two decent vintage ones: a Condor (Diana) in .177 and, a fine Feinwerkbrau Model 2 pistol so I guess I'm sort of legitimate. Cheers.


Posted : 15/07/2018 07:17:39
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What a great intro, welcome aboard Gord. 

Posted : 15/07/2018 16:18:01
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Hi Gord. Yes, great intro. You're very welcome here. I wrote the Mozart piece based on the excellent newspaper article and John G's help translating it. I also found it an extraordinary story and one that gets too little play among airgunners, I think!

I bet Mozart found the precision of the sort of airgun he would have used to be fascinating, given his mathematical/musical genius. The busy social side of the shoots must have been a welcome respite from the solitary concentration of composing his incredible lifetime's oeuvre too.

Had Wolfie been alive in the 20th century, he would have appreciated the beautiful complexity of the Diana Giss airguns, such as the models 6 and 10 pistols!

Come to think of it, the mechanical large format Hassleblad isn't a million miles from the Giss guns either, and also remained current, largely unchanged in its perfection, for decades while all around it the technology was changing!


Posted : 16/07/2018 11:08:09