Thanks Garvin !  

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I am a new member , Living in the UK, & have too many ( Older airguns ) & a myriad of spares,
I mentioned Garvin as a heading , He seems & I do not doubt he is a good bloke,

I had major problems in logging on, & Respecfully  he persisted ! Ha ha,
I already notice my spelling is being underlined , Despite it being correct ( JUST KIDDING )
I have hundreds of air gun Pics , Of which I have owned or made major mods.

I look forward to uploading ( Maybe too many Pics )
Again , Thanks Garvin.

Posted : 1st November 2018 13:46
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After our somewhat recent  debate, I can still not post !!!!!
I wanted to reply to the ( Swedish Excellent ) I kept getting a ( Log in ) notices ! Which I had.

I have a Bhaco ( The forerunner ) & Very first Excellent ever made , Circa 1895 ish ,
All the excellents are copies of this Alas ! Unable to post ,

Posted : 7th November 2018 12:29
Citizen K
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Only admins and moderators can post to (strictly curated by Danny) gallery forums. Members can post in the appropriate discussion forums:


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Posted : 7th November 2018 12:36

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