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Walter LP53 Variant #2, Sub Variant 1

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I have a Walter LP53 Variant #2, Sub Variant 1 S/N: 016801

If I understood it right this is a very rare model. I read a post from 2017 by Garvin that “only four examples are known.”

- Is this still valid?

- Is there any register available?

- In good condition without box, what is it worth?

I’m thankful for any knowledge charing related.

Best regards//Tommi

Topic starter Posted : 23rd February 2021 17:49
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Topic starter Posted : 23rd February 2021 18:03
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I'm sure if the post was mine, I was quoting someone else, since I know nothing about this variant. I somehow doubt its rarity makes it worth more Tommi?

 It looks to be in lovely condition, but there is a large number of LP53s around because they were made for so long and I'm not aware of anyone who collects each variation.

Posted : 23rd February 2021 20:43
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Hi Garvin,

Many thanks for your kind feedback, Br//Tommie 

Topic starter Posted : 24th February 2021 06:05
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much of the money for these pistols is in the stuff that came in the box or case and the box and case 

so it's worth like anything else is what a person would pay and of course the condition outside and inside the gun 

so if i saw a pistol lets say and it looked new on the outside and the guts were an unknown, i take 30-40% off it's value 

so you have a pistol with no box or case, do you have the extra sight, cocking handle, if not in the states it is worth 300-400 bucks give or take but there are some people that will pay more 

there are buyers of air guns and people that buy air guns that know what they are worth, where parts could be found and don't what to go under water 

and those 2 groups look at things differently 

these are completed US Ebay sales and you can see the spread in sales dollars

all i have Garvin might find some picture to take out of those listings and maybe not i have not looked at any, just pulled up the page 

mike in the states

Posted : 24th February 2021 19:58
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Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your kind feedback.

Topic starter Posted : 25th February 2021 12:00