D.R.G.M Gem  

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I was clearing out my uncles house and came across this very dilapidated air rifle. A quick google found me on this forum and much reading and looking at photo's happened.

It had a broken and very loose stock and was battered, bruised and rusty, it did however cock and fire.

I like a challenge and as I had a lump of walnut lying around the workshop doing nothing I decided to make a new stock, first, off with the old.....

...and once I had fettled it, on with the new.

While I was at it I used wire wool and oil to clean up the metal work and, having looked at lots of pictures, I blued the barrel.

On the barrel I can pick out Gem  crossed rifle logo and manufactured in Germany. The lock lever has D.R.G.M and the breach has the serial No: 27636
Can anyone tell me anything about its type and age please?

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Posted : 1st September 2018 15:19
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Crossed rifles mark would probably be for Friedrich Langenham (LZ) DRGM mark is a German patent type mark....From memory, think this type of LZ lever lock Gem has a patent date of around 1891 or 1892?, can't be 100% sure of that though as I can't remember where I read it!  (possibly Hillers but I don't have my copy to hand to check)


Nice job on the clean up 🙂

Posted : 2nd October 2018 20:12

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