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"G"-marked Girardoni-type repeater

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"G"-marked Girardoni-type repeater.


Possibly an English copy.

Auction blurb:

Lot Nr. 722
A repeating air rifle M 1779, Girardoni system

Octagonal barrel, rifled bore in 12.2 mm calibre, length 82.8 cm, somewhat rough bore. Brass front sight and later, dovetailed one-leaf fixed sight. Older, somewhat faded finish. Spring-loaded wedge-type breechlock, lateral tubular magazine for 20 bullets. Iron cock and lock plate, brass action case and side plate, on upper side of action marked "G" (Girardoni), double-headed eagle and number "341". Later lever for regulation of the air supply. Sparse carving on forearm with brass furniture. Iron air flask serving as butt stamped with number "613". Wooden ramrod with brass tip. All parts expertly reworked. Length 122 cm.
Extremely rare military regulation air rifle which was manufactured in small numbers only and was not used in the army anymore after a comparatively short period of 21 years. Cf. Gabriel, Die Hand- und Faustfeuerwaffen der habsburgischen Heere, p. 41 et seq. and cat. no. 109.

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