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Air pistols - D T Fletcher

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Air pistols - D T Fletcher

With thanks to D T Fletcher for these pics and commentary.



Pretty nice to start off with a nice Plinko in box. I remember this one clearly, it was an Ebay auction when they did not allow airguns. The seller had only the box pictured but in an off-hand way mentioned that what the box originally contained was to be included. Mint Plinko for $50.


Got this one and a couple more from a gun shop in Palo Alto (a city nearby, no doubt) that had these for something like $40. This one has never been fired.


A nice 802 (?) single shot .22 in a tattered box. About as nice an 800 likely to be found, missing sight elevator.


Not sure where this came from. Not sure if it's missing the magazine or if it was intended this way. Having the "Apache" on the front end, and the really nice condition, is probably what prompted me buy it.



An unfired Schimel, like new in the box with paper. Hard to forget this one. Fell in with a group of BB tube collectors in Washington and were trading left and right, they would do anything for a new BB tube; including the purchase of this Schimel. What prompted the BB tube collector to purchase this was that it included the original tube of Schimel ammo. Can't remember what he paid for it but he sold this to me for $20. When looking it over, it was clear why the gun was in such rare condition, it was defective when shipped. There was a small sliver of casting flash that stuck the trigger in place. Took a minute to clear that and the gun has not been touched since. Includes the original Schimel flyer. 


How many Schimels with this red warning label?


Notice how the tip of the trigger touches the guard. It was stuck there when shipped from the factory.