Hämmerli Duell Air ...

Hämmerli Duell Air Pistol  


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14th December 2017 20:41  

Hämmerli Duell Air Pistol.


With thanks to Mark for these pics.

Mark said, on the AVA:

"The Hammerli 'Duell' Production period: 1967 - 1970
A scarce model even in it's home country. I'm not sure why that would be as it was just 40DM more than the 'Master' in 1969.

So what is the 'Duell' all about and was it worth the premium over the 'Master'

The 'Duell' was essentially a 'Master' with a in line 5 shot magazine mounted on top of the chamber. The loading port was extended and shaped to allow a single match pellet to load automatically into it every time the pistol was cocked. You pushed the loading port back down and the pistol was ready to shoot. It's a very simple and elegant system and works flawlessly with the correct length match pellets. The probe has a nylon button on it that makes the loading process very smooth.

What made this particular 'Duell' very interesting was that it was fitted with the late model trigger mechanism post 1972 and it's serial number was in the 6xxx rather than the 3xxx of the other 'Duells' in my collection. This 6xxx serial number also ties in with the late model 'Masters' that have the later sear adjustment mechanism. I have included some pictures showing both types of trigger. In use you would be hard pushed to know which was which, as both can be set up for a superb trigger feel.

One of the Duells and the Master are fitted with the optional barrel shrouds that needed a new front sight base in order to get the correct fit.

Was it worth the premium - you bet !"

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Hämmerli Duell detailed pics 

With thanks to Mark D for these pics.


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