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Martini .22 cal CO2 rifle

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Martini .22 cal CO2 rifle 

Suggested makers of this amazing custom rifle include Martin Herrick and Les Wesley.

With thanks to current owner Clank (on for permission to use his pics. He says: "A Martini action it is. Almost certainly .455 cal as it is unlikely to have been .303. They were Lee Enfields in the main... It is definitely .22 cal, the loading tap measures out at a little over... the CO2 cylinder attaches where the barrel would have been and the barrel and new breech block are on the top... I have seen something like this and it was by Leslie Wesley, it was a single barrel shotgun... the barrel is a full tapered barrel, purpose built for the job... with the for-end clipped off... you can see how the barrel has been machined to accommodate the CO2 cylinder."



An unmodified Martini rifle: