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Hy-Score 700 & 800 trigger sear variants

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Hy-Score 700 & 800 trigger sear variants 

With thanks to Len and Steve.

Len asked on the AVA:

Every Hy-Score 8xx pistol that I have ever seen or worked on had the sear shown in this first pic. It is 1.125" long from the main tube to the lower tip. 

A recent acquisition had this shorter sear, measuring only 1.000" long. This sear variant is blued as opposed to the one most commonly seen. Another odd point is that this variant has been stamped from left to right (rounded side on the left, sharper side on the right). The more common sear was stamped from the right to the left, completely opposite to this variant. The lower tip has a squared off profile, as compared to the more common rounded tip.

The gun is in "as new" condition, and there are no signs of having been tampered with.
Has anyone else ever seen this "new to me" sear variant before?


Steve replied:

I looked at my Hy-Score collection and I have 2 pistols with the shorter sear.  One is my 700 and one is my early 800 with no engraving on the frame. See pics below.  Assume this is the sear used on early pistols.


Len concluded:

This sear is on a model 800 with no engraving on the frame, so it coincides with [Steve's] early 800, and is obviously the first variation of the Hy-Score sear.