Lincoln Jeffries 1926 patent prototype overlever air pistol  


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Lincoln Jeffries 1926 patent prototype overlever air pistol

By coincidence this pistol emerged at around the time John Griffiths was making his reproduction from the patent drawings.

One poster said on the BBS: "A closer look at the photographs shows "PROV PAT" and "7" stamped on the rear of the cocking arm. Likewise there is "7" stamped on the housing below the rear sight."



The following pics thanks to the new owner, John G. He says: "Basically I cleaned up the original by removing all the loose rust after the dismantled gun had been boiled briefly in water to convert red oxide to black oxide. I then made a replacement breech plug, which was lightly rust blued to match the general appearance of the rest of the gun.  To my relief the gun then cocked and fired perfectly, if somewhat down in power compared to my own version.

Having now had the opportunity to examine the gun in detail, I am convinced it is a prototype despite the fact that it carries the number 7 in two places.  The trigger is stamped with a 5.  The frame area under the grips is identical in construction to the Scout, hence the use of Scout grip plates (which are identical to those on my own Scout). Unlike the Scout, the trigger / sear is a single unit and the sear is placed to the front of the gun rather than to the rear to maximise piston stroke.  This follows the patent closely."


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