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Markham Chronology

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Markham Chronology 

Taken from the wonderful website Visit here for the full thing:


M-02                                                   Full length Maple stock                      Stock marked “Chicago Air Rifle

Markham Chicago                            external cocking rods                          Markham Patent”

Variation #1 1887                                                                                          Patented by William Markham


M-04                                                   Stock marked in circle on stock      

Markham Chicago                            “Markham Air Rifle Plymouth Michigan

Variation #3 1889 -1910                    Chicago patented”


M-05                                                   Cast Iron frame. Wood stock

“King” Button release                      “King” cast in frame

 1890                                                   1st Markham metal gun


M-06                                                   “King patented” in oval brand

“King” sheet metal                            in stock.

1892 Button release                           Markhams first sheet metal gun.


M-07                                                   Variation #1                                       

“New King” 1896                              Top button release

Single Shot                                         Stock marked


M-08                                                   Variation #2

“New King” 1896                              Brass over muzzle end-cap

Button BB release Repeater             Stock marked


M-09                                                   Variation #3
“New King” 1897                              Top Button release. Stock marked

Single Shot                                         Steel Over muzzle end-cap.


M-10                                                   Variation #4

“New king” 1900                               Friction Release. Stock marked

Single Shot                                         Steel over Muzzle end-cap


M-11                                                   Variation #5

“New King” 1902                              In muzzel end-cap. Stock marked

Single Shot                                         Soldered on rear site.


M-12                                                   Top barrel marked

“King” 1904                                       Oval stock

Single Shot                                         Screw in end-cap.


M-13                                                   Variation #1

Markham “King” Repeater             Top frame marked. With patent dates.

1904                                                    Oval stock. In barrel end-cap. Button BB release.


M-14                                                   Variation #2

Markham “King” Repeater             Wire BB release.  Oval stock

1906                                                    Top barrel marked. In barrel end-cap.


M-15                                                   Variation #1

Markham “King” Single Shot         Top receiver marked.

1905                                                    In barrel end Cap W/blade


M-16                                                   Variation #2

Markham “King” Single Shot         Top receiver marked. Patent dates.

1906                                                    Site on barrel. Removable barrel end cap.


M-17                                                   Step down barrel. Rear Peep site.

Model C single shot                           Large front site. 31” long.



M-18                                                   Engraved side receiver.                    

King Model C Repeater                   Screw in shot tube.

500 shot 1907                                     33” long


M-20                                                   Variation #1

Model “D” Single Shot                     Twist-in removable shot tube

1909                                                    Barrel marked


M-21                                                   Variation #2

Model “D” Single Shot                     Clip in removable shot tube

1909                                                    Barrel Marked


M-24                                                   In barrel shot tube.

Model “E” Repeater                         First Peep Site. Barrel Marked

1910                                                    End cap BB release.


M-25                                                   Peep sight               

King No. 1 Single Shot                      Screw-in end cap.

1911                                                    Barrel marked


M-26                                                   Peep site. Engraved receiver

King No. 2 350 shot Repeater          Barrel notch BB feed

1912                                                    Screw-in end cap.      


M-27                                                   Variation #1                         

Markham “Prince” Single Shot       Over barrel screw on end cap

1900                                                    No patent numbers. 31”long.


M-28                                                   Variation #2

Markham “Prince” Single shot        In barrel end cap

1902                                                    Two Patent numbers.



M-29                                                   Variation #3

“Little Dandy”                                   “Little Dandy” marked on barrel

1902                                                    Same as Var. #2. Made for Sears



M-30                                                   Variation #4

Markham “Prince” Repeater          Barrel marked. Five patent numbers

1904                                                    Ball BB release



M-31                                                   Variation #5

Markham “Prince” Single shot        Sheet metal trigger guard

1907                                                    6 patent numbers.



M-32                                                   33” long. Receiver button breakdown release

Markham “Queen” Take Down      Wrist marked in circle.

1910                                                    Step-down barrel.


M-34                                                   Lever Action. Military

Markham “Kadet” Repeater           Receiver engraved

1916                                                    Came with bayonet and sling




Markham King “Junior” #10          BB or Dart

1920                                                    27” Kids Single shot



M-40                                                   Side receiver engraved. Under barrel patch.

Markham “King 1000 Shot”            1st Lever Action. Octagon/Round barrel




M-41                                                   Side receiver engraved. Lever Action                                                   

Markham “King 500 Shot”              Under barrel patch.

1909                                                    Octagonal/Round barrel



M-42                                                   Top marked. Octagonal/Round barrel

King No. 4 500 shot                           Nickel plate. Under barrel patch.

1910                                                    Lever action



M-43                                                   Top marked. Nickle plated.

King No. 5 1000 Shot                        Octagonal/ Round barrel

1910                                                    Under barrel patch



M-44                                                   Engraved reciever

Markham King No.21                      Nickel plated

1914 Single Shot                                Under barrel patch



M-45                                                   Engraved Receiver

Markham King No. 22                     Nickel plated

1915 350 shot repeater                      Under-barrel patch



M-47                                                   Top marked. Long front site

King No. 22 500 shot                         Nickel plated over bluing

1917                                                    Under barrel patch. 1907, 1913 patents



M-48                                                   Octagonal/Round barrel. 33” gun

King No. 22 500 Shot                        Blued. No under-barrel patch

1918                                                    Top marked



M-49                                                   Round barrel. 31” gun.   Blued

King No. 22 350 Shot                        Top marked. 1907, 1913 patent dates




M-50                                                   Single Shot. Nickle plate

King “Three in One“                        Shot Bb's, Darts or Corks.

1911                                                    Top marked 1909 & 1910 Patents             



M-51                                                   Octagonal/Round barrel. 36” gun

King No. 5 1000 Shot                        Top marked 1908 patent

1916                                                    No under barrel patch. Blued



M-52                                                   BB Shot or Dart. 1922 Patent

Markham No. 17 Breach Loader    Break Action single shot

1922                                                    External cocking rods. Top marked


M-53                                                   Single Shot. Action locking bolt.

No. 24 “New Chicago”                     Breach Loader. Stock Tang

1920                                                    Patent pending. Top marked



M-56                                                   Top marked

Markham King #21 Single shot       1907, 1913 Patent dates1930

1930                                                    31” gun



M-57                                                   No patch. 1907, 1913 Patents

Markham King No. 22 Single Shot Top marked. Blued

1930                                                    1” longer than 1917 #22



M-58                                                   Variation No. 1

Markham “King” #55                      Straight lever. Top marked

1000 Shot 1923                                  Long front sight



M-59                                                   Variation No. 2

Markham King #55                          Short front sight. Pistol grip stock marked

1000 Shot 1931                                  First curved lever BB gun.