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Ptdunk's videos 

With thanks to Matt.

 These videos are also available at Matt's YouTube channel, ptdunk.


GoPro Hero 10 at the airgun Range shooting Feinwerkbau 800 ft rifle Drulov DU10 vintage air pistol


Making and shooting repro 1800’s air pistols Antique gallery airguns by John Griffiths


Kempton Arms Fair Review and new BSA Book Launch by John Milewski vintage airgun air pistol antique


John Griffiths Vintage Air Pistol repro's based on unrealised airgun patents by Webley, Haenel etc


Tuning a vintage airgun Britannia Supertarget antique bullpup springer spring piston air rifle tune


Recoiling vs Recoilless FWB 150 vs 110 air rifle Feinwerkbau 300 300s artillery hold for springers 72


100 years of Air Pistols part 1 1910 1946 vintage airgun pistol air pistol target shooting history


Airgun Books ideal for collectors


The Britannia air rifle An Antique Bullpup springer


Enjoying the classics Slant grip pre war Webley Mk1 air pistol


Plinking with the Crosman 600 semi automatic Air Pistol airgun


Bit of Vintage airgun fun


Kurbelspanner airgun trigger mechanism vintage gallery gun c 1902


New BSA airgun Book Launch by John Milewski at Kempton Arms Fair vintage air pistol antique review


100 years of Air Pistols part 2 1940-1972 

With thanks to Matt.

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