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Menz 'Olympia' model 36

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Menz 'Olympia' model 36 

With thanks to Guido for these pics (and Thoralf for facilitating).

Guido says: "Probably a special edition for the 1936 Olympic Games, based on the Haenel 33 Junior model."

Google says this about the Menz firearms company: "History of the Menz Company

August Menz was born in 1861 and worked as a mechanic and gunsmith.  In 1905 he founded his own company which produced parts for other gun manufacturers.  In 1908 he made his first essay into the handgun field with a repeater known as the Regnum.  It consists of four superposed barrels chambered for the 6.35mm Browning cartridge... According to Dvorsky and Tillig, Alfred Menz sold his company to the merchant Theodor Emil Bergman from Berlin in 1938. The sale was likely a result of the legal costs of the aforementioned lawsuit.  Theodor Emil belonged to the Theodor Bergmann family from Gaggenau, which had sold its business to Lignose AG in 1922.  A number of English-language sources report that the Menz company was sold to Lignose, but we do not believe this to be the case, as Lignose had announced they were leaving the firearms business in 1928 (the Waffenschmied, 28 September 1928).  Unfortunately the Waffenschmied does not mention a single word about the transfer of the Menz company to a member of the Bergmann family, which would in our opinion have been important news at the time.  Bergmann produced the Menz pistols with the inscription 'Theodor Bergmann Erben, Waffenfabrik Suhl.'"