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Oscar Will catalogue 1902-3 (reproduction)

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Oscar Will catalogue 1902-3 (reproduction) 

With thanks to Matt for these pics.


See bottom of this post for a rough translation of this introductory page):



Matt provides this rough translation of the third pic:

"I have the honor to send my weapons price list and give an explanation of the contents:

 For a number of years I have been making perfectly formed, solid weapons with the help of the most capable gunsmiths and otherwise capable workers, as far as they are provided  Numbers, in the most proven manual work!  
There is no doubt that excellent, modern weapons can only be produced through manual dexterity and, especially with the brands marked with *, you will find all advantages combined which one can only expect from a select rifle.  
The other numbers on my list represent handguns or products which can again be advantageously manufactured by machine manufacture in connection with manual labor and offer the best in the industry.  
Despite the fact that I give excellent guarantees in everything, in terms of shooting performance, equipment and overall design, as well as the quality of the materials used, my prices are extremely cheap and competitive, which I draw particular attention to. 
 It is also possible for me to manufacture almost every rifle individually,   i.e., exactly according to the taste and character of the buyer;  there is no need to follow the wording of the list.  I am ready to be of service to anyone interested with a special offer for special designs, just as I am happy to assist with any information required in the arms industry. 
 I also deliver any other weapon that is not in my list on request at a cheap price. 
 I endeavor to offer you a source of supply that is as pleasant as it is advantageous through strictly real, coulante service and I sincerely ask you to use my offer quite often and trustingly.
  I am particularly grateful in advance for kind recommendations from friends and family."