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Pieper-Bayard Air Rifle

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Pieper-Bayard Air Rifle.


Incomplete Pieper-Bayard airgun compared to the Belgian made Hyscore 801 .
The one with the stock is the Hyscore I bought from "Jim in PGH" a few years ago.

The Belgian made Hyscore 801:

The pellet pusher was missing so I made a new one:

The Pieper-Bayard I have (actually there is 1 in .177 and 1 in .22) are without their stocks ,so these have to be made from scratch one day ..................

Don't know what the BIG number stamped on the LHS of the breech block is meant to be ,as it is NOT the serial number.

The Bayard logo of a Knight in armour on horse back:

Some lovely scroll work on the top of the breechblock:

Different text on top of the barrel compared to the Hyscore:

And the serial number on the bottom of the barrel (the same number is on the breech block hidden by the breech jaws)

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