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Marty's Benjamin 1xx pump pistols

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Marty's Benjamin 1xx pump pistols 

With thanks to Marty.


A Benjamin 112

He says:

This first example is unique in that it is the only one in the series with the 127 rear sight. I think it is also important to point out, it is assumed, although with a certain degree of confidence this first series did not come from the factory with a instruction sheet and parts list. There are two gentleman much more knowledgeable than me with regards to this model that feel the same way due to its limited production...a few month's at best.

A Benjamin 117

He says:

In this second series the metal cup washer of the first series has been changed to a solid brass washer, and a internal tooth lock washer has been added to the fastener of the lever arm. This  tooth washer does not show up in the parts list. My guess is it was added by the factory at a later date for obvious reasons.

Another interesting observation is a slotted pump rod.


A Benjamin 150 repeater

He says:

Determining a date for this 150 proved difficult primarily because on page 126 of Dean's book a catalog is shown with a heading; 1938 catalog. In it there are photos of a 1xx, a 11x and the 150. However, only the 1xx is shown with the 127 (MK1) rear sight. The other two are shown with the MKII. In addition, determining that catalogs date is impossible unless that catalog accompanied a known or boxed model simply because earlier catalogs were not dated. 

As previously mentioned the 1939 and 1940 “Instruction Sheets” are identical, both show the second and third series models and hinted as to an earlier model with the 127 rear sight and nothing about the 4 hole muzzle plug. In addition, the standard under-lever pump and 150 are shown with pinned “pump rod nuts”. We now know in addition to the 4 hole muzzle plug the third series has a non-pinned “pump rod nut”. With this in mind I think it is safe to assume this 150 is a second series production model, further proof that Benjamin never had either the 1938 or 1940 Instruction Sheets.


Another Benjamin 112

He says:

In this third series the same internal tooth washer of the lever arm is present and an additional washer type is added to the cup fastener, which doesn't surprise me in the least because I've yet to disassemble one of these guns with the fastener firmly attached. Again, this washer does not show up in the parts list. Perhaps by this series it was standard practice by Benjamin to prevent recalls.

Another interesting change which is warranted like the lock washer, the lever arm pin has a over-sized end that is beveled, as well as one side of the muzzle cap heel (seen in the last photograph).

And finally, both the second series and third series models have the same exact Instruction & parts list which I find odd because at the very least the 2 hole muzzle cap changed to the 4 hole MC. To take it a step further, this guns catalog only shows the 2 screw muzzle cap version.