Prototype postwar Dianas  


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Prototype postwar Dianas 

With thanks for these extraordinary pics to a collector friend.

The finder of these rifles says:

Shown here are the 25D, an amazing underlever rifle in which the entire cylinder pivots down from the rear to expose the fixed breech. A very early 35, with aluminium buttplate a la HW55. Also a later 35, with a curious barrel latch.

An interesting match rifle, marked Model 70.......clearly hand made, and clearly groping it's way toward what would become the 75.
A model 65, which appears to be a test bed for an anti bear trap mechanism....
A D50, bearing the serial number 1. This looks like an ordinary model 50 at first glance, but looking again, one can see numerous differences between it and any other 50 I have ever seen. The stock is slab sided, not fully rounded, the butt is simply grooved, no buttplate, steel or plastic, the barrel shroud is much longer than those on other 50s, and the cylinder is of a smaller diameter. I suspect they were either going to build the 50 from a modified model 27, or they at one stage intended to release a lighter, 27-based underlever, for the gun is smaller and pleasantly lighter.


The first two pics are of an underlever mod 25D



A model 65 variant




Model 50 variant



Model 35 variant




Model 70




Odd model 35 latch

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