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Benjamin model 342/392 prototype (nickel)

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Benjamin model 342/392 prototype (nickel) 

With thanks to Marty. He says on the American Vintage Airguns forum: "There will be several photos of this gun including side by side comparisons between it and a 1990 342 and a 1991 S392. Quite simply put it appears to be a S392 with a 342 stamp. I would imagine it is safe to assume at least for now, this gun was built sometime between 1989-90. 

The last photo in this first series includes two products I use to freshen up most guns in the collection. These products came highly recommended by a friend who has an extensive Sheridan collection and they are the best I have found. The metal of this gun had a light film of oxidation. It only took a light buffing with this product and the guns metal looks factory fresh, as well as the wood with the other product.

The first series of photos are of the prototype. It far exceeded any preconceived expectations. I can’t end this without saying; a 34x even Wadcutter might like?"