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Optical sights (Gaines' collection)

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Optical sights (Gaines' collection) 

With thanks to Gaines.

I retrieved these pics from the American Vintage Airguns forum. In his original post, Gaines said:

"Sammlerstück, Zieloptik, Hensoldt, Wetzlar, DIAPI , ie, tube sights... as I call them but actually optical sights. These interesting esoteric devices had a brief appearance on the 10M scene, emerging in the late 60's and apparently were outlawed along with Tyrolean stocks ans double set triggers for UIT competition in 1972. Vlad got be hooked on them and they are now the only thing I actively search for. In the US we refer to a scope with no power as 1X and the Germans give the same a value of "0" so the little sights are rated at .5 (1.5X in USspeak). They have a built in focus adjustment as do many adjustable irises and the mounts are adjustable for a variety of ways and the POI is raised and lowered by the arrow on the circular dial. The reticule is a narrow flat topped post. Needless to say they have that precision touch , I won't let Eric near them!!!!  The one from Vlad has the most graceful lines, solid steel , apparently they were hand fitted and finished as they have many variations....just like guns of the era."