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American crank-wound rifle attr. Gustav Fisher

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American crank-wound rifle attr. Gustav Fisher.


With thanks to Beth of Amoskeag Auctions, Inc. for permission to post these pics.

The original auction blurb said: "serial #11, .28 caliber, 23" octagon smoothbore barrel. While this rifle is not maker marked, Mr. Blaisdell's notes attribute the rifle to Gustav Fisher of New York. The entire barrel assembly rotates to the right for loading. Fisher was active in New York City after the Civil War and also built percussion double fowling pieces. The frame of this gun bears nice tight period scroll engraving tastefully positioned in several areas. The metal surfaces of gun retain a pleasing smooth brown patina with some scattered small blunt impact marks on cannister which are cosmetic only and not overly obtrusive. The walnut buttstock and forend have a nice blonde color and show vertical grain with a nice cheekpiece. The condition of the stocks is excellent with 90% original finish remaining. The forend shows a couple cracks on the bottom which seem quite sound. The original crank, numbered to the gun is present. A neat and desirable antique American crank action air gun."