John Zuendorff (New York) gallery gun - David Swan Collection  


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John Zuendorff (New York) gallery gun - David Swan Collection.


With thanks to Rod Meek of Anderson & Garland Auctioneers ( for permission to post these pics of a gun auctioned in 2015. At the time of posting, this rifle was scheduled for auction at Holts Auctioneers.

Auction blurb:

"A John Zuendorff Gallery gun, secondary New York City type, with 22in. octagonal barrel, brass cylinder with lever action folding to the stock, circa 1870, 42in. long overall."

Hammer price: £200


Holt's auction blurb:

A RARE 6.5mm LEVER-COCKING GALLERY RIFLE, MODEL 'NEW YORK TYPE', no visible serial number,
circa 1865, with octagonal smoothbore iron 22in. barrel (some external pitting) signed near the breech 'JOHN ZUENDORFF, NEW YORK', dove-tailed bead fore-sight, elevating notch rear-sight, unusual 'twist sideways to load' action, all brass tubular air-chamber with carved rope-border decoration, brass cylindrical trigger-unit with brass ears reinforcing the head of the walnut butt, bras scrolled trigger-guard forming the cocking lever, missing heel-plate and long walnut fore-end with slimmed and shell carved tip."

These pics copyright Holt's Auctioneers:


These pics were posted when the rifle was advertised on Gunstar: