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Stanley's 'Aero-Para' (advertisement)

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Stanley's 'Aero-Para' (advertisement).


With thanks to John G for this scan. He says it was made in Berlin between 1936 and 1938 and adds:

"This was an overlever repeating air pistol deliberately designed to resemble the Parabellum (Luger) pistol. So far only catalogue drawings are known. Whoever Stanley was, he obviously did some sort of deal with Weihrauch and they took over and patented the design in 1939. The outbreak of war stopped any further activity on the part of Weihrauch, but after the War they obviously resurrected it as they sent an example to the Hy-Score company in the USA for assessment. Steve Laszlo later gave the gun to Robert Beeman who is the current owner. It is the only known example in existence at the present time."