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Star | Estrella - Symba

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Star | Estrella - Symba.


With thanks to José for these pics. A translation from the accompanying blurb (in Spanish) is as follows:

"The company Star, Bonifacio Echevarria S.A. is well well-known by its famous Star pistols, although, many will be surprised the knowledge that also the modest compressed air weapon made that illustrates this page. According to some sources, these carbines made an only employee of the company/signature (Maquibar call) in separated dependencies of the production of pistols, next to a gun of hunting commercialized with the Onena mark.

"The Symba Star began to commercialize towards 1949-50 and was a vanguardista carbine for which estilaba in the Spain of the postwar period mainly due to its fixed gun and is loaded by inferior handle. The main lines remember the Webley Mk3 although it is not so balanced as the English model. The constructive quality considerable being observed a good one is finished as much in the metallic parts as in the walnut butt."