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Taiyo Juki Deluxe 12-shot repeater

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Taiyo Juki Deluxe 12-shot repeater 

With thanks to Louis.

He says: "It has some nice features. Fully adjustable power. With 15.4 gr Gamo Pro Match (JSB's are jamming):
- Lowest power: 459 ft/s: 7.2 fpe
- Medium: 528; 9.6
- Highest: 555; 10.6

The trigger was really creepy but I solved that with my leather and glue tune 

The safety can be put on auto or manual. That's the shiny knob at the rear.

Apparently the seating depth of the probe can be adjusted. Must work that one out.

It holds 2 x 12 gram CO2 capsules."



Adjustable power wheel "Turn towards muzzle: hammer travels longer; power up.
This is max power.":


Lowest power: you can see the hammer and valve stem:




Taiyo Juki Deluxe with Taiyo Juki Bobcat: