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Prewar club bell target

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Prewar club bell target

With thanks to John M, who sold this target. His ad said: "For Sale: A between the wars automatic registering Bell Target with its outer cowl.

Based on the A.G. Parker design but no maker's name evident. Very well made and evidently produced for a between the wars bell target league. Complete and working. The hole for the bell is the regulation 3/8 inch and the target face has been engraved with correctly dimensioned scoring lines. The target is cocked by pulling down on the lever at its base until the spring loaded arm locks in its sear. An accurately placed pellet will release the mechanism, which rings the bell and indicates a maximum score of 5 by raising an arm at the top of the target with the number 5. I have used this target for practice and it is a challenge to hit from the standing position at 6 yards. Very satisfying when it is hit though. £265. It's heavy, so I can post but postage is likely to be ITRO £15 - £20."