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The "Bulldog" (or "Little Nipper")

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The "Bulldog" (or "Little Nipper") 

With thanks to John G for these pics and text.

"This pistol’s claim to fame is that it is the smallest commercial air pistol ever made, and is even smaller than the Tell 2. Although it carries no maker’s name the trademark figure of a miner with his lamp and the letters DRGM tell us that it was made by Bergmann in Germany. It was marketed in the UK by Frank Clarke as the "Bulldog" around 1902-1905, and his adverts for the pistol made remarkably extravagant claims. It was also marketed by the Arms & Ammunition Manufacturing Co. as the "Little Nipper" around 1904."

He adds: "Interestingly, Frank Clarke in 1902, in one of his adverts for the Bulldog, claims "A perfect Air Pistol at last, guaranteed to be the lightest, smallest, most handsome, and strongest shooting Air Pistol on Earth." . He then concludes with the sentence "All who are dissatisfied after three days may return the pistol and have their cash back in full." Perhaps that is why the pistol is now so rare - they were all sent back!"