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BSA Improved Model D

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Hi All,

I am new to this website so please go slowly! 😐

Anyway my brother has inherited the above air rifle - serial No 47187, which I believe was manufactured between Dec 1911 & Feb 1912.ย  It fires great but he would like to 'retro fit it/ clip on' with a modern sight (sorry if this upsets some readers) is this possible (without ruining the originality).ย  He would also like to replace some of the screws as they have been knocked about by someone using the wrong screw driver, can anyone recommend a good website?

As you can tell I have no idea about the finer workings of air rifles, although I do like to fire them!


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If you go to the BSA section, under 'resources' you can locate more info about these rifles. Also, in the prewar gun pics section, under group pics there are some of Ed's rifles with 'scopes, although I think they're permanently altered. There is no 'clip-on' 'scope mount that works that I'm aware of. Replacement screws can be bought from John Knibbs, Chambers Gunmakers or Protek Supplies, but they're not cheap,

Posted : 12th April 2021 23:18
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Hi Garvin

Thanks for your reply, I'll have a look and see.


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