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BSA Standard No 2?  

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Hi, I've just been gifted an old air rifle from the parents of a friend as they know I shoot more modern stuff, but the vintage area I know nothing about! Looking around t'internet I think it's a BSA Standard No 2, but can anyone provide more info. It's a .22 underlever with a button catch to release it. It's got a lever operated rotary breach...and that's about it!

There is no makers ID on it, just the serial number S9361, "2 LOAD" on the breach and 14 1/4 stamped on the stock (which is also the length from butt to trigger in inches).

It shoots very nicely and is great fun for plinking with the open sites. Is there any way of telling when it was made from the serial number?

If I've done it right there should be some pics below:

Any info greatfully received!



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Posted : 24th March 2020 21:56