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BSA Standard stock finish  

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Quick question guys, today i finally got my hands on a very nice BSA Standard S12378.  the metalwork is in good order as are all fixings, one of the springs was snapped and there was not much left of the piston seal.

My question is what finish should the stock have, would it have been varnished oiled or something else, it looks like it has some kind of varnish on at present but needs some serious attention?

look forward to your comments guys.

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Posted : 5th April 2018 19:55
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I think they originally had some kind of lacquer finish. Most modern varnish finishes that you see look too shiny and plain oil looks better, but perhaps a bit matt. So if you can find something in between, that would be closest to the original.

Posted : 6th April 2018 05:04
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Thank you, I do have to strip whats there its, well a bit of a mess to say the least.  but there will be no sandpaper used in the process.

Posted : 6th April 2018 07:33
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It's lazy Sunday. What better to do than dig over the Vintage forum. Looking in on the BSA section for a mate and an S he is cleaning up.

Did you complete your S MrBen? I have one here, #S12375 that has seen better days. It has been in good care now for 4yrs or so and still wearing its scars well.

How is that, only 3 numbers younger and on the other side of the globe - maybe even assembled by the same hands as your example?

Mine has a well corroded trigger block and a bit of dodgy timber at the interface.

Importantly, it shoots well.

Posted : 21st June 2020 07:58