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Hello and a bit of advice please  

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I was introduced to early 20th century BSAs by a fellow club member. I’m hooked. Been able to buy an S and an L model, by blind good fortune they are both perform well.

One problem I do have to solve is a broken pip on a foresight. I’ve read the post put up by Garvin. In it, it says - looking down the barrel, knock the sight out from the left... not 100% which end to look from, is it towards the stock or away from the stock!

Thank you.



Posted : 3rd October 2019 16:21
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Hi Steve

There are instructions on repairing a broken front sight here:

Adjusting the front sights is done looking away from the stock, with adjustment relative to where the pellet strikes the target - tap it right if the point of impact is right of the bull, etc.

Details here:

Posted : 4th October 2019 14:19