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Information on my BSA?

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My Grandfather is looking for information on a recently acquired BSA and I was wondering if anyone could provide us with some information about it.

On Barrel:

The BSA Air Rifle (improved model D)

The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited

Sole Manufacturer


Under Barrel:

Lincoln-Jeffries Patent 8761/04


Serial Number: 24583


From what I can find it was manufactured sometime between November 1908 and January 1910. 

We would like to know how we can tell when it was made. How many were produced? Is it valuable? Is it a ladies or men's gun and how can we tell? Any information regarding their use and such? Any general information about the company and the gun.




Posted : 17/02/2019 23:34:22
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Erin John Knibbs, the author, says your grandfather's BSA was made between April and September 1909 and was a BSA Standard.

This means it's about 43" long, some 4" longer than the 'ladies' rifles.

Not sure exactly how many IMDs were produced, but the number runs into the tens of thousands - so lots.

Have a browse through the BSA section of this gallery for information about use and the company etc.

Its value depends on the condition - anything from about £100 for a rouh one to £400 or more for one that is pristine.

Posted : 21/02/2019 16:32:05