Inherited a BSA air rifle from my late Father.  

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Hello All,

First post!

I have just inherited a BSA air rifle & Webley air pistol from my late Father. He had a number of shot guns & air rifles & these two have ended up with me.

I would be interested to find out a bit more about them - age etc.

Best regards, Ian.

Posted : 28th March 2018 15:28
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Hello Ian. Condolences on the loss of your father.

That's a 1930s breakdown pattern BSA and a similar age Webley Mk1 prewar pistol. Nice.

To date the BSA precisely I think you would have to ask John Knibbs International, who own the factory ledgers, and they charge a fee for the service. You can find a rough date for the rifle here.


Posted : 29th March 2018 12:04

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