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cut away Diana model 10

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been watching this on Egun and the final price is absurd compared to the model 75's that sold earlier but what the hey


might want to save the  pictures for the resource section

on a side note your bulldog at the door for human verification is a very large pain in the ass

Topic starter Posted : 26th June 2018 22:14
Citizen K
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As Citizen K has pointed out, it's already in the gallery Mike. ?

I saw it made over 1,100 euros on eGun! I think that was just because two people really wanted it rather than its normal value.

Sorry about the bulldog. Needs must...

Posted : 26th June 2018 22:33
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just late to the party I guess, well I needed to post over here anyway seem sort of quite

take care


Topic starter Posted : 27th June 2018 05:02