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Diana Mod2 Made in GB

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Hello, I'm new to the forum and want to share my fathers Diana Mod2 pistol.  I know nothing about it other than seeing it back in the 1970's as a kid.  It's been kept away safe for over 50 years I would say and passed to me a few years ago when my father passed.  I imagine he would have received it back in the 50's, but I have no idea how old it is or what shot it takes.  It still 'works', so I assume will load a fire.  Any helpful info would be gratefully received.  I have uploaded a few images to the VAG host site, links attached.



Topic starter Posted : 10th November 2020 17:45
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Thanks Andy. It's made in Scotland by Millard Bros to a Diana pattern.

Posted : 10th November 2020 18:07
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so the pistol needs a hand, yours 

get some 000 bronze wool, know as fine and some gun oil and clean off the rust freckling

most will come off and take the grip stock off the pistol when cleaning and don't bugger up the screws 

when you clean that up it will look almost new and if you don't have a soft pistol rug for it get one to store it in 

as time goes by give a light rub down and in doing so the pistol rug will pick up some of the oil, cleaner and will protect it 

should you get it to shoot if it doesn't, i would be on the fence, it doesn't need to it is more a hand me down with special mean i assume 

the pistol in the states doesn't have a lot of value and i'm not sure what it would bring in the UK if another just like it was for sale 


just me opinion on the pistol 

take care stay face 

mike from the states 

Posted : 13th November 2020 20:22