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Diana Model 2 parts needed

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Good day all. I was digging about in the garage and found my late father's pistol. However, it appears to have been disassembled at some point and the very end of the barrel is missing. This holds the piston together, so the gun is useless without it. If anyone happens to have one, I'd be greatly interested as I'd like to restore it as a keepsake to remind me of pops.



Topic starter Posted : 29th December 2020 22:55
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Diana LP2 Ersatzteil 30092900 Rändelmutter Luftpis (

so the good news is Chamber lists them but they are out of stock, Gotha shows them in stock and are cheap enough but the shipping could take the fun out of that 

not sure what part of the world you are in but i would contact Chamber and see when they be restocked and with Gotha email Enrico and see what the total cost would 

working on the German site your computer needs to translate and with Gotha you need to a transfer  at least the last time i got parts 

certainly get every thing you need for the rebuild at the time of purchase 

also a parts gun could work 

i check Knibbs, Protek in the UK and JG airguns in the states and they didn't list the part 

of course one could be made or a temporary  nut be used

about all i have 

good luck 


Posted : 30th December 2020 20:23