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Diana original mod 5 pistol trigger setup

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Hi everyone need manual on trigger adjustment/setting after strip down, thanks

Posted : 23/11/2022 10:51:49
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i'm guessing that the wood gripped model 5 has the same adjustment as the 5 to 6's do 

the front screw is a locking screw and that is all it does, so you have to loosen to adjust the rear screw 

the rear screw is a screw in a screw 

the center part------it has a grub screw that pushed a spring that makes the ball retract softer or harder find a middle position you will not know it is there 

the outer part holds the center ball assembly and it is your adjustment for trigger engagement 

now theses pistols have a great feature you can adjust the trigger on the bench no need to assemble the whole grip frame just hook the trigger and adjust when you go too far you will see it and at that point the gun would not work 

it is easy but it isn't the best trigger it is ok in my opinion 


Posted : 26/11/2022 20:14:16