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Voere Air Pistol - LDP4

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Voere Air Pistol - LDP4.


With thanks to John G for this pic and text:

"This break-barrel pistol is identical to the Koma LDP4, and can only be distinguished from it by the impressed logo on the grip. The Koma was made by Koma Werk, Germany, from about 1950 up to1955, when the company underwent a name change and the trademark Voere was introduced. The renamed pistol was then sold up to about 1970. It is arguably the worst air pistol design ever: the short barrel makes cocking very difficult and the sharp unprotected foresight compounds the problem; the breech seal system is inefficient; the sight base is even shorter than that on the Tell 2 pistol; the slab sided grip is both ugly and uncomfortable. It is surprising that the gun managed to remain on the market for so many years."