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Webley Junior Mk2, Hurricane manufacturing description

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Webley Junior Mk2, Hurricane manufacturing description

With thanks to Guy for this, who obtained it via Troubledshooter. It apparently came from someone working at Webley:

"The Premier II was a redesign to reduce costs as up until then the bodies were machined all over on pre-war machinery.
The Hurricane was developed from a request from the sales department to put a air rifle type rearsight and improve the accuracy.
The Hurricane was engineered to be produced in large numbers and many of the machining operations involved six bodies being machined at one time.
The "all singing and dancing machine" was probably the rotatory transfer drilling machine we called the 'roundabout' or 'carousel'. It drilled all the holes in a body, it was complicated to set up and maintain with all the small diameter drills but it still probably produced almost half a million bodies.
The Hurricane was not on the cards when the Premier 11 was developed, but all the experience we gained with the Premier 11 did help when producing the Hurricane."